Friday, July 15, 2011

Invest in talents, says BNM

KUALA LUMPUR: The private sector should adopt the culture of investing in talents and view it as an investment rather than expenses, says Bank Negara Malaysia Assistant Governor Marzunisham Omar.

He said on Friday, July 15 the central bank has been actively involved in the sphere of education and concentrated on preparing high-quality talents particularly in the finance industry.

One such initiative was the central bank's Graduate Programme which created a structured programme for graduates to learn and develop competency skills as required by the industry.

"We have allocated some RM20 million for the Graduates Programme (GP). We have spent not more than half (of the amount) and are seriously looking at extending this programme," he told reporters after a media briefing here.

Marzunisham said rising demand for technical and soft skills among graduates has created a competitive market for them, hence many graduates face stiff competition in seeking employment.

BNM has undertaken two graduate programmes todate and has trained 700 graduates and a majority of them have been absorbed into the industry after several months of attachment.

The project, which is fully sponsored, aimed to enhance the employability of graduates, particularly those from low-income families.

It also provides participants the opportunity to develop job-related competencies as well as acquire on-the-job learning via attachment with various bodies.

The programme's success has been emulated by the government through the 1Malaysia Training Scheme, said Marzunisham.

The central bank also offers scholarships, annually, for higher education such as the Kijang Emas scholarship, as well as, scholarships for employees to pursue their education right up to the doctorate level. - Bernama

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