Friday, October 14, 2011

MRCB gets RM46.5 million job in Pahang

KUALA LUMPUR: MALAYSIAN RESOURCES CORP []oration Bhd has secured a contract worth RM46.5 million from the Department of Irrigation and Drainage for a project in Pahang.

MRCB said on Friday, Oct 14 that it had received a letter of award to carry out 'Projek Fasa 2 Bagi Pembinaan Pemecah Ombak di Kuala Sungai Pahang'.

It said the contract was for a period of 17 months, and that the CONSTRUCTION [] was to be completed by March 2013.

It said the project was an extension of the RM258.17 million contract upgrade the Sungai Pahang river and estuary (Phase 1) that was awarded to the company in October 2008.

The main component of the Project is to extend an additional 200m in length to the breakwater constructed during the Phase 1.

MRCB said the project was expected to contribute positively to its future earnings.


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