Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Industrial production index up 3% year-on-year in August

KUALA LUMPUR: The Industrial Production Index (IPI) in August increased 3% year-on-year (y-o-y) to 110.6, due mainly to increases in the manufacturing and electricity indices.

Month-on-month (m-o-m), the IPI rose 2.6%.

In a statement Tuesday, Oct 11, the Department of Statistics Malaysia said the ''cumulative index for the period of January-August 2011 increased 0.6% as compared with the same period last year.

Meanwhile, the sales value of the manufacturing sector in August posted a y-o-y double-digit growth of 10.8% (RM4.8 billion) to record RM49.8 billion as compared to RM45 billion a year earlier, it said.

M-o-m, the sales value also increased by 0.2% or RM80.3 million as compared with the preceding month, said the department.

The sales value in July 2011 was a revised positive 9.5% y-o-y to record RM49.7 billion, it said.

The year-on-year increase in the sales value during the current month as compared with the corresponding month of the previous year was generated by the growth in the sales value of 79 industries (68.7%) out of 115 industries covered in the survey.

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