Wednesday, September 21, 2011

M'sia unemployment rate dropped to 3% in July

KUALA LUMPUR: The unemployment rate in Malaysia dropped 0.2 percentage point in July to 3%, according to the Department of Statistics, Malaysia.

In a statement Wednesday, Sept 21, the Department said that the labour market expanded in July due to the increase in employed population by 249,300 persons (2.1%) to 12.36 million while the number of unemployed dropped by 19,500 persons (4.9%) to 380,600 persons.

Meanwhile, the labour force participation rate jumped to 65% in July compared to 63.9% in the previous month, it said.

It said the 1.1 percentage point increase was the impact of population growth in the labour market by 229,900 persons to 12.74 million and a decline in the population outside the labour force by 222,400 persons to 6.86 million.



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