Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time dotCom expands fibre coverage to another 30,000 premises

KUALA LUMPUR: TIME DOTCOM BHD [] (TdC) has extended its fibre connection to another 30,000 premises in a bid to expand its existing subscription base of around 10,000 in the corporate and retail segment.

According to TdC chief executive officer, Afzal Abdul Rahim, the group was continuously adding more premises within the Klang Valley with a roll-out rate of connecting 20 to 30 buildings per month.

So far, 200 buildings have been connected in Mon't Kiara and around the Golden Triangle where 70% are commercial and 30% are residential buildings.

As for targets, he said the market was very competitive and the group would have to assess it in the next six months.

In the high-speed fixed line broadband space, incumbent Telekom Malaysia chalked up 29,000 subscriptions with the High Speed Broadband (HSBB) so far.

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