Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TM to provide highspeed broadband services to Maxis Broadband for 10 yrs

KUALA LUMPUR: TELEKOM MALAYSIA BHD [] (TM) will provide high speed access connectivity via HSBB (Access) service to Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd, enabling latter to reach 1.2 million homes by end 2012.

TM and Maxis Broadband had on Tuesday, Dec 14 signed a landmark 10-year agreement for TM to provide the access services to Maxis.

The TM service would enable Maxis to offer to more than 700,000 homes as the count stands, and to 1.3 million homes by end 2012, bundled services integrating IP-based offerings.

'The signing of the service pact gives the leading integrated life services provider, last mile access to homes covered by the national HSBB project, to add to its existing 10,000km of optic fibre and over 7,000 mobile base station sites at present count,' the joint statement said.

Maxis would be able to expand on its commitment to Malaysia, of seamless connectivity from any connected device - with an offering of rich content, relevant applications and creative solutions over its converged network in combination with access to TM Wholesale's wide and growing high speed broadband network.

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