Friday, May 20, 2011

Melati Ehsan secures RM148m PWD project

KUALA LUMPUR: MELATI EHSAN HOLDINGS BHD [] has secured a RM148.63 million project from the Public Works Department to build a road stretching from Gua Musang in Kelantanf to Kampung Relong in Pahang.

Melati said on Friday, May 20 its unit Pembinaan Kery Sdn Bhd had accepted a letter of award from the PWD for the road CONSTRUCTION [] projects which starts on June 15 this year until Dec 10, 2013.

'Kery is required to execute the formal contract with PWD in due course. Pending the formal contract, this Letter of Award shall constitute a binding agreement between Kery and PWD,' it said.

Melati said the project was''not expected to have any material effects on the earnings per share of Melati for the financial year ending Aug 31, 2011. However, the project was expected to contribute positively to the future earnings of the Melati group.

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