Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tricubes: Online biz to contribute to revenue in 2H12

KUALA LUMPUR: TRICUBES BHD [], an information TECHNOLOGY [] provider, expects its online business to contribute to revenue in the second half of next year.

Tricubes is involved in myemail project for the public and Tam Tam Customer Relationship Management, a business-to-business solution for small and medium enterprises.

Tricubes chief executive officer, Khairun Zainal Mokhtar, said on Wednesday, Oct 5 the online business was picking up and the company would offer new products and services to enhance the segment.

"The company is diversifying to online segment from traditional business, namely biometrics and enterprise mobile solutions," he told a media briefing on
myemail here.

Khairun said Tricubes needed to diversify despite it being the leader in biometric devices as the market has become more competitive.

He said Tricubes has worked hard since 2008 after realising its enterprise business segment was not growing in terms of volume and margin was getting

"The company, which is on Guidance Note 3 status, is one track towards financial regularisation and will submit the plan by Oct 28, 2011," he said.

Besides online business, Khairun said, Tricubes was also eyeing a different revenue stream as it planned to venture into a new technolgy-based segment.

On the myemail project which was launched on Sept 14, 2011, Khairun said, the key performance index target was 5.4 million subscribers by year-end and Tricubes was optimistic of achieving it.

He said currently, myemail has 3,000 subscribers, adding that Tricubes would start its marketing study next month in a bid to attract more organisations to join the portal.

Khairun said Tricubes has proposed to the government that each bill sent via myemail be charged 50 sen.

He said Tricubes has approached four of its government agency clients -- Royal Malaysian Police Force, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Malaysian Road Transport
Department and Employees Provident Fund, to join the myemail portal.

Khairun said two of the government agencies were about to start pilot trials next month while discussions were still ongong with the other two. - Bernama

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