Thursday, October 20, 2011

Minho fined RM5,000 for DOE offence

KUALA LUMPUR: MINHO (M) BHD [] was fined RM5,000 for an environmental offence over the failure to change the work processes for the boiler furnace.

It said at the court hearing on Thursday, Oct 20, it had pleaded guilty to the offence committed at its plant - Syarikat Minho Kilning Sdn. Bhd -- in Kapar, and was fined RM5,000.

To recap, on Sept 3, the company's factory -- -- was instructed by the Selangor Department of Environment (DOE) to change the method of loading the fuel at the boiler furnace for the solid fuel from manual to fully automatic.

The company was also directed to implement performance monitoring for the control device at the boiler furnace in line with the DOE guidelines.

It also had to carry out monthly sampling for the chimney of the boiler and monthly report must be submitted to the DOE of Selangor.

Minho had also to ensure that smoke alarm recorder was functioning and a copy of readings from the smoke alarm recorder must be submitted to the DOE on the 15th of every month.

Syarikat Minho Kilning replied to the DOE on Sept 17, 2010 that it agreed to comply with all the instructions, except the method of loading the fuel at the boiler furnace.

Syarikat Minho Kilning appealed to the DOE to allow the company to use the existing semi-automatic fuel feeding system but this was rejected.

On Jan 11, 2011, the DOE inspected the factory and found that the fully automatic fuel feeding system was not installed.

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