Wednesday, September 7, 2011

RHB Banking group: Viegas stays as principal officer

KUALA LUMPUR: The RHB Banking Group said Renzo Viegas would remain as RHB Bank Bhd's principal officer though the application to the central bank for him to be appointed managing director had been withdrawn.

It said on Tuesday, Sept 6 Viegas would he would be the principal officer pending the appointment of a new chief executive officer and managing director.

'Viegas will subsequently partner the new CEO / MD in continuing the business strategy and performance track record of the group's commercial banking business,' it said.

RHB Banking Group said it was undergoing an internal re-organisation, 'as part of our continuous efforts to further enhance the group's competitiveness following Renzo Viegas' intention to take time off for personal matters next year'.

It said as a result of this and the re-organisation, the group withdrawn the earlier application to Bank Negara Malaysia for his appointment as MD of RHB Bank.

'The core board and management leadership will remain intact and are committed in continuing the growth momentum and performance of the RHB Banking,' it said.

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