Monday, September 12, 2011

KKB Engineering secures RM30.7m contracts

KUALA LUMPUR: KKB ENGINEERING BHD [] has secured two contracts totaling RM30.7 million to supply water pipes and LPG cylinders.

It said on Monday, Sept 12, its subsidiary, Harum Bidang Sdn Bhd has accepted a contract from YWP Builders Sdn Bhd to manufacture and supply MSCL water pipes and pipe specials for the rural water supply project in Sarawak.

'The duration of the supply contract shall be approximately nine months commencing from December 2011. The contract sum is worth approximately RM14.2 million,' it said.

KKB also said it had accepted a letter of award from PETRONAS DAGANGAN BHD [] to fabricate and supply the LPG cylinders to Petronas Dagangan Bhd for one year commencing September with an option to extend for another year.

'Total estimated contract sum for the first 12 months period is RM16.5 million,' it said.

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