Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bursa Malaysia issues corporate governance guide in BM, Mandarin

KUALA LUMPUR: BURSA MALAYSIA BHD [] has issued its Corporate Governance Guide (CG Guide) into Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin in a move to reach out to more directors of public listed companies who may not be fully conversant in English.

The exchange operator said on Tuesday, Feb 8 the initiative was to promote good corporate governance and sustainability practices.

'As a front-line regulator committed to maintaining the integrity of the market and advocating best business practices for sustainable growth, Bursa Malaysia will be holding a series of educational and engagement initiatives specifically designed for boards of directors,' it said.

Bursa Malaysia chief regulatory officer Selvarany Rasiah said the stock exchange 'strongly advocates a corporate culture where high standards of corporate governance prevail, and sustainability practices are embedded in the core business strategies'.

She said Bursa Malaysia was involved in active engagement and educational activities to enhance directors' understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Governance programmes for directors

Under its corporate governance initiatives, Bursa Malaysia will hold a series of half-day governance programmes for directors focusing on specific governance areas.

The areas of focus will be on independent directors, role of board chairman, audit committee and its challenges, nomination committee and assessing the risk and control environment. The specific governance programmes will enable focused discussions amongst directors and address specific challenges and concerns.

The first session entitled, "Assessing the Risk and Control Environment" will be held on Thursday, March 24.

The translated Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin CG Guide will be available for download at Bursa Malaysia's website. Training programmes on the CG Guide are scheduled for Thursday, Feb 17 (in Mandarin), Thursday, March 3'' (in Mandarin), Friday, Feb 18 (in Bahasa Malaysia) and Thursday, March 3 (in Bahasa Malaysia).

A series of half-day sustainability sessions for directors will be held to help directors familiarise with good practices for sustainable business growth and discuss practical applications of sustainability in various industries.

The sustainability sessions for directors will be tailored to focus on specific industries.

The first session is on Wednesday, Feb 9 for the PLANTATION [], CONSTRUCTION [], property and hotel industries.

The second is on Wednesday, March 9 for the industrial products industry; while on Wednesday, March 23 it would be for the trading services & industrial products industries.

On Wednesday, April 13, the session is for the consumer products, finance, TECHNOLOGY [] and closed end funds industries.

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