Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maybank targets 290,000 mobile banking users by July 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: MALAYAN BANKING BHD [] targets to have over 290,000 mobile banking customers by July 2011, which is a 53% increase, with the launch of its'' enhanced Mobile Banking Service or M2U Mobile.

The bank said on Tuesday, July 20 it expects the growth would be supported by new services and joint marketing campaigns with the telecommunication companies including Celcom, Maxis and DiGi.

The enhanced M2U Mobile enables customers to access the bank's portal Maybank2u.com using any phone model or telco operator for their banking, bill payment or e-commerce transactions.

It is poised to support a 40% increase in average monthly transaction for M2U Mobile within a year from 70,000 to 100,000 a month.

Maybank deputy president and head of community financial services, Lim Hong Tat said the new M2U Mobile migrated from the limited application Java-based platform to the now widely-used web browser capable platform.

"This means that M2U Mobile is available to all mobile devices that have access to the internet and this enhancement now makes it extremely versatile, easy and convenient for customers to continue their wholesome Maybank2u.com experience in the palm of their hands,' he said.

With the enhanced M2U Mobile service, customers can access Maybank2u.com via their "mobile browser" to access services ranging from account summary, balance inquiry, fund transfer to own or registered Third Party, bill payments for registered bills, credit card payment for registered Third Party account as well as forex and deposit rates.

M2U Mobile users need only to register as a Maybank2u.com customer. They are encouraged to register their favourite third party account or bill payee to enable them to have peace of mind in undertaking such favourite transactions M2U Mobile.

Those who wish to use the mobile browser are required to log into http://mobile.maybank2u.com.my and use the same username and password.

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