Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bursa Malaysia eases entry rules for derivatives trading

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 3): Bursa Malaysia Derivatives is offering a two-day programme as it relaxes the entry rules for derivatives trading.

The stock exchange said on Tuesday the examination, academic and experience pre-requisites have been removed.

'Individuals who aspire to be professional derivatives traders or local participants can now do so by attending a two-day familiarisation programme with Bursa Malaysia Derivatives,' it said.

Under the classification, a local participant is a professional derivatives trader who trades their own account, or is a self-employed trader.

With the easing of entry requirement, candidates no longer need to take the licensing examination, or show the relevant academic qualification and industry experience.

'This is part of the exchange's initiatives to increase the number of local participants in the market,' it said.

Local participants can trade with their own funds and are not permitted to conduct trades on behalf of clients.

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