Monday, August 22, 2011

Prestarian gets RM28m government job

KUALA LUMPUR: Prestariang Bhd has secured a RM28 million contract from the Ministry of Higher Education to implement the 1Citizen Certification provide 'IC Citizen' training and certification in all public and selected private higher learning institutions.

It said on Monday, Aug 22 that its wholly owned unit Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd had accepted the letter of award from the Ministry for the contract.

The company said the program was expected to run for 24 months from its official start date.

It said the program would cater to 80,000 students from 20 identified public institutes of higher learning including universities, polytechnics and community colleges in Malaysia, as well as selected private institutes of higher learning.

'The IC Citizen Certification is Prestariang's home-grown certification; the first of its kind in the world that is specially developed and designed to produce digitally literate and responsible citizens.

'Launched in 2010 for the global market, IC Citizen is being marketed via partnership with Certiport from US to a network of approximately 10,000 centres in 152 countries.

Prestariang chief executive officer Dr Abu Hasan Ismail said the home-grown program would contribute positively to the company's order book for the next two years on top of the foreign revenue it will realise via partnership with its international partners.

'We add value to the existing academic courses by equipping students with the skills and knowledge that are normally not taught in their field of study. It is very important to have this certification because it signifies that they have the knowledge, understanding on appropriate behaviours when they are online.

'We firmly believe that this new program will take flight and become our next stepping stone to success,' he said.

Prestariang is an ICT service and education training provider focusing on ICT training and certification, as well as software licence distribution and management.

Among its projects are the 3P Programme, and the MUSE Programme.

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