Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#Flash* Esthetics eyes Asian expansion

KUALA LUMPUR: ESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL GROUP [] Malaysia is eyeing to expand its outlets and presence in the Asian region.

Its chairman Eddy Chiang said on Wednesday, Aug 10 the company plans to utilise funds raised from its rights issue to fuel its growth in the Asian region, including expanding its outlets in Malaysia and presence in Indonesia, the Philippines and China.

However, he said there was no profit forecast but he saw there was a lot of upside for these markets.

Speaking to reporters after the shareholders' meeting, he also said the group plans to raise RM26.4 million from its rights issue.

He also said Esthetics plans to increase its Dermalogica outlets in Malaysia to 50 and Singapore to 20, as well as distribute both Dermalogica and Clinel products in China.

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