Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#Update* KLIA2 to cost RM3.9 bln, ready by April 2013

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 29): The upgrading of facilities at KLIA2 are expected to increase the total cost to build the airport to RM3.9 billion and it would be operational by April 2013.

Its managing director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad said the KLIA2 would enable MAHB to handle about 45 million passengers yearly compared with the earlier estimate of 30 million.

In a statement to Bursa Malaysia, MAHB said the KLIA2 would have a 'larger terminal footprint now standing at 257,000 sq metres, 68 contact stands and enhanced systems in place'.

The airports operator said KLIA2 is one of the largest privately funded projects and will spur the local economic growth and employment opportunities.

MAHB said KLIA2 is built as a national infrastructure asset to cater to the needs of the airlines, government, public and the airport.

It also said due to the appeals by the public especially people with restricted movements, elderly people, expectant mothers, and children, MAHB said aerobridges would be installed at KLIA2.

'As the cost works out to be only 25 sen per passenger, the public has indicated that they are willing to pay for the use of aerobridges,' it said.

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